The Right Rehab Center in NC for You or Your Loved One

Choosing the right rehab center in NC for yourself or someone you love can feel like a weighty decision. We won’t mince words; this may be one of the most important life decisions you make. The good news is that you aren’t just left to your own devices here. We’ve broken this decision down into a simple 4 step process to help you make an informed decision you can feel good about. 

Step 1: What Addiction Treatment Features Do We Need? 

If you want to pick the right rehab center in NC, the most logical place to start is the needs of the patient. Consider whether or not they may need a medical detox first to control withdrawal symptoms safely. The best treatment centers will be directly connected to a reputable local detox so the patient can seamlessly move from detox into rehab care.  Here

  • Does this person use or drink daily? If so, the right rehab center in NC will be one connected to a medical detox program.
  • Do you know or suspect the patient has a co-occurring mental illness like depression? In that case, dual-diagnosis treatment should be on your checklist.
  • Can the patient commit to at least a month or so of intensive treatment? That usually yields the best results, if they can, then a rehab with sober living can help.

Step 2: List the Resources You Have to Get the Right Rehab Center in NC 

Now that you’ve got a handle on what features you’re looking for, the next step is to make a list of the resources you have to reach your goal. 

  • Gather current health insurance information, ID cards etc.
  • Make a list of family and friends who may be able to help with finances.
  • List family or friends who can help in other ways, i.e. watching pets, transportation, even sober support after treatment.
  • Write down important contacts and allies outside of family and friends, such as treatment centers. 

Making a list of your resources will not only help you better organize your efforts to get to addiction treatment in NC. It will also help you feel more confident. A list of resources helps keep you on task and it reminds you that you 

Step 3: Make a Plan and Get Moving 

You know what features you’re looking for. Gather health insurance information and ID cards. There’s a list of friends and family who can help financially or in other ways. Now you want to look at what it will take to make this happen. Consider the time frame to get into addiction treatment in NC. Time is of the essence in these scenarios. Willingness can be a flash in the pan with addicts sadly. What this means is strike while the iron is hot.

If someone is willing to go to rehab now, then move fast. If they aren’t, then make your plans now so you can be ready to launch them at moment’s notice when the willingness is there. There’s no way to overemphasize the importance of readiness if you want to succeed in getting them into the right rehab center in NC. 

Make sure your plan also includes these things:

  • Who to notify before the person enters treatment? Friends? Family members? Employer? School?
  • Any bills to pay prior to or during treatment (rent, electric bill, phone bill etc.) 
  • Services or appointments to cancel while the person is in treatment. 
  • Anything else before the person can enter treatment

Step 4: Entering the Right Rehab Center in NC  

The day has come. The person who is living with a substance use disorder has accepted help and they or their loved ones have found the right rehab center in NC for them. Insurance benefits have been verified and/or financial arrangements made. You know when the person will begin their treatment. All that’s left at this stage is preparing for rehab and following through with the rest of your plan. You will want to coordinate any travel plans with the detox and/or rehab center so they can pick the person up or know when to expect them. 


Make sure to verify the checklist of what the patient should bring (and not bring) to treatment when packing a bag. The best facilities always have laundry equipment, so even an extended stay shouldn’t require more than 2 weeks’ worth of clothing. Be sure to pack your insurance card and government-issued photo ID along with any prescribed, non-narcotic medications. Leave over-the-counter meds like allergy pills or vitamins and supplements at home. These may interact with medications they need to use in treatment.

The detox and/or rehab will provide any necessary meds or supplements over the counter or otherwise. We hope this primer on choosing the right rehab center in NC has been helpful to you. For more detailed information on choosing a program, please see our blog here.  Please call Harmony Recovery Center at (704) 368-1131 or reach us through our contact page here

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