Our Outpatient Program in Charlotte is the final step-down level of care that clients typically participate in after finishing our intensive outpatient (IOP) program successfully.

Our outpatient program in Charlotte helps our clients enhance their set of recovery tools and maintain the progress that they have made at the residential and/or intensive outpatient (IOP) levels of care. Additionally, our outpatient treatment program keeps clients connected with the recovery community and allows them to receive the support they need to achieve long-term recovery.  Like our other programs, we design each client’s outpatient treatment plan around their specific needs. However, we tend to focus on developing the educational tools necessary for continued recovery at this level of care.

Providing The Tools For Long-Term Recovery

Studies have shown that between 40% and 60% of people with substance use disorders relapse at some point in their recovery. While this does not mean that their efforts have failed, we believe that this number can be reduced significantly with the right amount of continued support.

An Outpatient Treatment Program That Works

Historically, drug addicts and alcoholics have had difficulties maintaining their sobriety after leaving treatment. There are some schools of thought that suggest relapse is a natural part of recovery for many people. However, Harmony Recovery does not adhere to this school of thought. At Harmony, we believe that the main cause of relapse is a lack of continued support.

Our outpatient treatment program helps clients adjust to their normal routine by providing this support. It also continues the educational process that began during detox and our partial hospitalization program (PHP).

After the final round of treatment, clients may find it difficult to re-adjust to their normal routine. In this final stage of treatment, patients are supported in their new clean life by continuing a minimal amount of weekly treatment services to help them deal with the situations they face on a day-to-day basis as they have transition back into an active and productive lifestyle.

In addition to helping clients live a sober life, our outpatient treatment program also encourages clients to engage in a lifestyle that promotes a sense of belonging and contentment. At Harmony, we believe that there is more to a sober life than mere abstinence. Showing clients the possible richness of a sober life is an implicit goal of all our programming, but it is a focal point during outpatient treatment.

Who Is Our Outpatient Program in Charlotte For?

At Harmony Recovery, we apply our general approach to treatment to every level of care we offer. This means that clients who participate in our Outpatient Program must meet certain criteria in order to maximize the benefits they gain from it. Here is an incomplete list of these criteria:

  • Client should have already completed more intensive levels of care at Harmony Recovery. Typically, this means our completing our partial hospitalization (PHP) or intensive outpatient programs.
  • These clients should also have demonstrated that they are ready to move on to less-structured treatment environment. The clients themselves are of course included in this decision process, but input also comes by other members of their Harmony care team.
  • The client should also understand the need for continued support and be able to formulate specific goals for outpatient treatment.
  • Ideally, participants in outpatient treatment have shown an interest in the continued support it offers and have started to engage in an active, productive lifestyle.
  • Similarly, those who can attend to their daily responsibilities successfully are best suited for outpatient treatment. These responsibilities depend on the individual client, but typically include things like work, school, and family obligations.

Clearly, there is a large subjective element involved in these criteria. This is why each client’s entire care team should be included in this critical decision. At Harmony Recovery, we are not interested in imposing any specific way of life upon our clients. However, we are obliged to provide as much objective input as possible when clients are poised to re-enter society and become exposed to risks they have yet to encounter in sobriety.



Outpatient Treatment Services

Some of the services provided in our Outpatient Program in Charlotte / Aftercare program include:

  • Evening Groups (1 hour) on a weekly basis
  • Individual Counseling sessions on a weekly basis
  • Family Counseling as needed
  • Substance Abuse Education and Relapse-Prevention Skills
  • Co-Occurring Disorders Therapy
  • Trauma Recovery Therapy
  • Life-Skills Training
  • Employment/Educational Support Systems
  • Motivational Training
  • Case Management Services
  • Legal Case / Court Assistance

Benefits of Our Charlotte Outpatient Treatment Program

We know that recovering from substance abuse does not stop after you finish our detox program. Battling with the emotional and psychological trauma inflicted by substance abuse can last far longer than physical symptoms.

At our Charlotte Outpatient Program, we will provide a safe and supportive way to help you ease back into your normal routine. Our trained staff are always on-hand for any aftercare services or recommendations you may need, as well as additional counseling.

Our focus is on helping our patients set goals and build better habits so that they can continue winning their battle against substance abuse. By offering minimal treatments that will help them transition back into their regular routine, we make the journey back to sobriety as easy and serene as possible.

We’ve designed our Charlotte Outpatient Program to give our clients the best chance of beating their addiction. We know how difficult the journey is, so we want to provide all the support and resources our patients will need as they move back to their normal lives.

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