One word that many people associate with recovery from addiction and mental health disorders is acceptance. While accepting what is may seem like an easy task, for people who have an addiction or mental health illness, that isn’t usually the case. However, here at Harmony Recovery Center in Charlotte, NC we want you to know that our team will do everything we can to help you overcome addiction and manage a mental health disorder. One way that we are able to do that is by offering mindfulness meditation as one of our recovery services.

Defining Mindfulness-Based Sobriety or Recovery

Mindfulness means you are staying in the present. With mindfulness-based sobriety or recovery, you are able to stay sober or on track with treatment while focusing on the current moment. You are in the now and not in the past or future. With this service, our clients are often asked to think about the feelings they are having now, not the ones they used to have. We want you to learn that living in the now can help you to solve problems, appreciate what you have and live the best life you can.

In recovery from an addiction, it is normal to worry about some things. You may have underlying issues, just like everyone else. You will need to control these. However, we don’t want you to solely focus on why they happened. That is part of the process, but we want to help you find ways to overcome those issues, so you can have success in recovery.

In mindfulness-based sobriety and recovery acceptance should be your core motto. Living in the now, being aware of what is currently going on and progressing through it is the best way to live. Having a mindful state can help you to stop internalizing stress and stay abstinent from drugs and alcohol.

Incorporating Mindfulness Meditation and Other Treatments at Harmony Recovery Center

Here at Harmony Recovery Center, we offer mindfulness meditation services to those who want to have a better chance of success in their recovery. We know that each person is an individual. You are unique and that is a wonderful thing. We believe that meditation and the other services we provide can help you to grow as a person, live the life you want and help you to develop life skills that put you where you want to be.

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