When you listen to music, what comes to your mind? Do memories come flooding back of great times and memories? Do you think about the people you love? Does your body move to the music? All of these things can happen. Research shows that music is so powerful. It can make people feel things they wouldn’t otherwise feel. It can help them to work through things that are holding them back. That is only the beginning.

Here at Harmony Recovery Center NC, we hope that you can move into recovery from your addiction or mental health concerns with our programs. We can put you in music therapy sessions, too. These sessions can inspire, relax and motivate you. Music therapy can be a great tool for your treatment and recovery.

Defining Music Therapy

Not sure what music therapy is? That is okay. Our team can talk to you about that. Basically, music therapy is an alternative/holistic treatment that helps people to improve their cognitive, emotional, mental and physical state. The therapy sessions are led by one of our Harmony Recovery Center trained and experienced therapists. They are used to helping people overcome obstacles, work through issues and reach the life they desire. Our therapists can help you to create, reach goals and just enjoy yourself.

When you move to or sing with music, it can make you feel like you are in an entirely different realm, even though you are working on your new reality. If you need more emotional support throughout your recovery process, music therapy sessions can give you that.

Music Therapy and Addiction Treatment

Are you struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Do you have another addiction? If you have any type of addiction, our team wants you to know we are here for you. We have services that can help you to get your life back on track.

One of the services we have for you is music therapy. We have used this service in combination with other treatments to help many people overcome their addictions.

Did you know that listening to or singing along with music can release dopamine into your body? This is a natural positive chemical that boosts happiness, contentment and joy. When someone abuses certain drugs, the drug releases this for them. However, now that you are abstaining from drugs, the music can take the place of those drugs.

Music Therapy Benefits

Now that you know a bit more about how music therapy can help you to overcome an addiction, you may want to know how it can specifically benefit you. There are so many ways that this type of therapy can help you from the start of your recovery and from that point forward. Some of these benefits include:

  • Alleviating anxiety and depression
  • Reducing stress
  • Encouraging relaxation
  • Encouraging optimism
  • Offering a cure for restlessness and boredom
  • Improving communication between you and your loved ones
  • Helping you work through trauma
  • Promoting self-expression and self-awareness
  • Boosting confidence and focus
  • Relieving physical and emotional pain
  • Improving sleep
  • Reducing feelings of low self-esteem and loneliness
  • Encouraging meditation
  • Promotes overall healing within the mind, body, and soul

As you can see, the list of benefits you can get from music therapy are amazing. Here at Harmony Recovery Center, our team wants you to have all these things in your recovery and throughout your entire life. Our therapists are ready to help you turn your life around. Let the power of music help you move in the right direction.

Still have more questions about music therapy services? Don’t worry. You can contact our team and we will talk to you about this service or any others that you have questions about. Our team wants to ensure you get the services that will help YOU the most. Music therapy may be that. Even if it isn’t, we do have many other services that can help you to overcome addiction or mental health disorders, too.

Getting Help from a Rehab Program

Our Harmony Recovery Center team wants you to have the best life possible. We know it is possible for people to overcome their addictions. We have seen it with so many of our clients. With the right combination of treatments, you can live a recovering lifestyle. The treatments that are best for you may vary from what is best for another person. However, when you work with our team, we can make sure your treatment plan fits your needs and your situation.

When you get help from our rehab program, you can feel safe. You will be receiving emotional support and care throughout your entire program. If you start music therapy during your program, that can bring you so many benefits.

If you are looking for help for yourself or a loved one, please give our intake advisors a call. They can answer any questions you may have.

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