12 step facilitation therapy treatments are semi-structured therapies created to help people abstain from drinking alcohol or doing other types of drugs. The way this works is that the person is encouraged to stay sober through community-based support and through a series of 12 steps.

To this point, 12 step facilitation therapy is mainly focusing on connecting people to AAS or NA. AA was the 1st of its kind to help people overcome addiction.

If you struggle with addiction, our team here at Harmony Recovery Center in Charlotte, NC can help you to overcome it. We can use 12 step facilitation therapy in your treatment plan.

Interventions in 12 Step Facilitation Therapy

There are different interventions you can receive when attending 12 step facilitation therapy sessions. Some of these interventions include:

  • Networking support
  • Cognitive-behavioral problem-solving
  • General recovery support
  • Help with the AA or NA core principals
  • Encouragement to actively participate in the 12 steps
  • Encouragement to attend 12 step meetings
  • Help in finding a sponsor
  • Assistance with exploring your attitudes toward the 12 steps (answering any questions you may have about the principles behind these steps)
  • Help to overcome obstacles that stop you from working through the steps
  • Assistance with understanding the Big Book (book of 12 steps and recovery)

These are some interventions we can help you with here at Harmony Recovery Center NC.

Theories of 12 Step Facilitation Therapy

There are theories behind every type of addiction recovery treatment. Some of the theories relating to 12 step facilitation therapy include:

  • Addiction is an illness influenced by spiritual, emotional, social, and medical factors
  • Abstinences is pivotal in addiction recovery
  • Emotional growth, along with spiritual growth, are essential to the recovery process
  • 12 step participation helps people to achieve a longer-lasting recovery
  • Skillful clinicians help clients to address obstacles toward AA

If you have never been through the 12 steps before or even if you have but need help with them, turn to our treatment center for the assistance you need. We can get you into a program that includes 12 step facilitation therapy.

Adolescents and the 12 Steps

It is unfortunate when anyone falls ill due to an addiction. However, we must also specifically note about adolescents with addictions. There are many teenagers who are abusing alcohol and drugs. Sometimes, it is due to peer pressure, genetics, family environment or other stressors in life. No matter what the cause may be, 12 step facilitation therapy can help adolescents to abstain from alcohol and work through underlying issues.

Our team has the training needed to help adolescents who have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you know an adolescent or you are an adolescent who needs to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction, reach out to us and our team will help you.

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