Who Needs Detox for Alcohol?

Alcohol is easily the most accepted mind-altering substance in the entire world. Cultures from all continents incorporate alcohol into their everyday lives, as well as utilize it for celebratory purposes and other reasons. Unfortunately, alcohol is highly addictive, meaning that many people who are exposed to it quickly become addicted to it.

According to JAMA Psychiatry, one in eight American adults is an alcoholic. This means that he or she meets the criteria needed to be professionally diagnosed with alcohol use disorder. Alcoholism has been and continues to be, a public health crisis throughout the United States that causes a domino effect of other issues to occur. For example, the prevalence of alcoholism increases rates of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), liver cirrhosis, diabetes, pancreatitis, cancer, and other disease and disorders that can lead to severe physical complications or even death.

Many people who are addicted to alcohol often attempt to carry on as if there is no problem at all. There can be an exceptional amount of denial surrounding one’s feelings about his or her alcohol use. In several cases, it is the friends and family of the alcoholic who help show him or her that the behaviors that are being displayed are consistent with alcohol use disorder. When the individual decides that it is time to get professional help for his or her alcoholism, he or she will most likely have to participate in a detox program to ensure their wellbeing while detoxing from this substance.

If you or someone you know struggles with alcohol addiction call our Alcohol Detox Center In Charlotte today, where you will speak with an addiction specialist that will help you in the next steps to your recovery from addiction.

Alcohol Withdrawal

Some people who are addicted to alcohol can stop cold turkey and not experience very many withdrawal symptoms. Even those who have used for years can manage without having to go through detox. However, many people who are trying to stop their alcoholism need to detox in the care of professionals like the kind we offer here at our Alcohol Detox Center In Charlotte because if they do not, they can die from complications.

Alcohol is one of two substances that can cause death when an individual attempts to withdraw from it (the other being benzodiazepines). This is because the withdrawal symptoms that can develop can be life-threatening. Therefore, it is never recommended to detox from alcohol independently and/or without the help of professionals. Some of the symptoms that are known to occur during alcohol withdrawal include the following:

  • Panic attacks
  • Insomnia
  • Hallucinations
  • Anxiety
  • Heart palpitations
  • Digestive problems
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain
  • Delirium tremens (known as “DT’s)
  • Tremors
  • Seizures

Seizures, in particular, are one of the greatest concerns during one’s withdrawal from alcohol. They can occur anywhere between 2-48 hours after one’s last drink, and when they occur, they can be extremely dangerous and possibly deadly. Therefore, it is critical to avoid detoxing at home and do so within a professional treatment setting like our Alcohol Detox Center In Charlotte.

What You Can Expect At Our Alcohol Detox Center In Charlotte

When detoxing at a professional facility like our Alcohol Detox Center In Charlotte, individuals can ensure that they are safely managing their symptoms of withdrawal and not risking their wellbeing to get sober. The most important aspect of an alcohol detox center is that it can help prevent serious issues to develop when an individual does stop drinking.

When withdrawing from alcohol, it is critical to be around professionals who are able to help an individual during this time. At our Alcohol Detox Center In Charlotte, individuals who have stopped drinking will be closely monitored so that their physical health is being consistently watched. This ensures that issues involving heart rate, brain activity, and more can be treated appropriately and in some cases, prevented. For a more specific example, someone who has stopped drinking after doing so for a long time and in large amounts can experience delirium tremens, which is when the nervous system attempts to readjust. It causes an individual to shake excessively, which can be painful and agitating. However, professional care can help make this symptom (and others) easier to bear.

Those who are in the process of detoxing from alcohol can also experience significant psychological effects that can jeopardize their wellbeing. It is common to experience depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts during alcohol detox. When these heavy, significant conditions begin to occur, trying to handle it on one’s own can be very dangerous, as it can lead to suicide attempts. When in the care of professionals at our Alcohol Detox Center In Charlotte, individuals can receive care from psychiatric professionals. This includes therapy and medication that can help balance out any distortions in brain chemistry, making the detox process much easier.

Our Alcohol Detox Center In Charlotte also provides resources and encouragement to continue on with one’s treatment after detox is completed. Those who have detoxed from alcohol can benefit greatly from attending a treatment program that can help them address the mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of their alcoholism.

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It can be tremendously difficult to ask for help. In fact, many people say that the hardest part of addiction is making the decision to reach out and get help. If you are addicted to alcohol, there is no shame to be had. Millions of people struggle with alcoholism like you do, and have found ways to overcome its challenges and move on with a happy, healthy life. You can, too.

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