Cameron Dallas Shares His Addiction Story

Actor and internet personality Cameron Dallas recently opened up about his struggle with addiction and his commitment to long-term recovery and sobriety. Initially famous for his Youtube and Vine videos, Cameron recently starred in his own Netflix reality show, “Chasing Cameron”. He has gone on to act in some Hollywood films and launch a music career. 

Last year, the 25 year-old star talked about his journey with addiction in an emotional video on his Instagram. Cameron shared that he was not only addicted to alcohol and sex but that he had issues with drugs like ecstasy and cocaine. He finally realized he had a problem when multiple friends reached out and expressed their concerns for his well being. He said he’d tried so hard to hide it but knew he had a problem. 


Cameron first sought treatment at 21 years-old, but claims he left the addiction treatment center too early and fell back into his old habits. In December 2018, he hit his low point when he got into an altercation and was charged with felony assault. He knew he had to change his life and was faced with a choice. Continue using alcohol and lose his career, end up in jail, or die. Or achieve sobriety and live a long and happy life. 

Later that year, he sought comprehensive treatment. As is common with addiction, Cameron suffers from mental health challenges. Depression, a common Co-occurring Disorder, meant he often used alcohol to self-medicate. With Co-occurring Disorders it is so important to find treatment which can address all aspects of addiction, including mental health, in order to achieve the best recovery outcome. 


Cameron Dallas spent several months in addiction treatment, working on his recovery before sharing his story in August 2019. In his video, he says progress is not perfection and expresses his commitment to this journey. He expresses gratitude to those who stood by him throughout his treatment experience. And apologizes to those he has hurt in the past while in active addiction. 

He hopes that in sharing his story, he can inspire others to make this change too and be an advocate for the recovery community. 

Are You Struggling with Addiction or Substance Use?

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