Helping a Depressed Friend Over Text

Do you have a friend who is struggling with depression? Are they far away or you aren’t able to be with them right now? If so, it may be breaking your heart because all you want to do is to help them feel better. While not quite as beneficial as a face-to-face visit, you can help a friend with depression over text. Read this guide to figure out what you can say or do to help out your friend starting today. 

I’m Available if You Need to Talk

A lot of people who have depressive episodes don’t reach out to people because they don’t want to be a burden to others or they are afraid to share their feelings with someone who might shut them down. This is where amazing friendship comes into play. If you know your friend is struggling with depression, it would be a good idea to reach out to them and let them know you are available if they need to talk. That way, they know you are there for them, when or if they need you.

Can I Help in Any Way

Most of the time, when someone is depressed, they aren’t going to just come out and ask for help. If your friend is struggling with depression, you may want to ask them how you can help ease their worries and improve their feelings.

I’m Always Here for You, Even if You Don’t Want to Talk

People who are struggling with depression often find themselves isolated from their loved ones and friends. Part of the reason this happens is they don’t want to talk about what is going on with them. It could be due to shame, embarrassment or just not knowing what to say. 

This could be the case for your loved one or friend. If so, make sure you regularly tell them you are always there, even if they don’t want to talk. 

Sharing Pictures of Fun Memories

If your friend is dealing with depression, they need something positive to get them smiling or even laughing. One great way to do this is by showing pictures to them of fun you have had together. Reminiscing on these days can be just what your friend needs to lessen their depressive symptoms and improve their overall mental health

Let Them Know Why You Like Them

Some people who are depressed feel they don’t have anyone who gets them or understands what they need. If you feel this is the case for your friend who has depression, you can help by letting them know why you like them. For example, you could say things like:

  • I really like how kind you are to everyone you meet
  • It’s a pleasure being your friend because you always know how to make me laugh.
  • Can you teach me art skills because you are so good at it?
  • You have always been here for me, through thick and thin. 

By letting your friend know why you like them and why they are important to your life can significantly reduce their depression.

Sharing Something Funny

There are so many funny videos on TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms. If your friend is dealing with depression, sharing something funny could make their entire day or even their entire week. So, get sharing cute animal pictures, memes or funny GIFs. 

Tell Them You Appreciate Them 

Most people who are dealing with depression likely doesn’t see their worth in this world. As the friend, it would be good if you could help them to see that they are important and a good person to have in your life. By saying you appreciate them, there is a much higher chance they will get help for their depression. 

Remind Them of Your History of Friendship

If your friend has depression, they may feel like their friendships and other relationships are falling apart. It may not be the reality of the situation, but that doesn’t make it feel any better to those with depression. 

As a friend to someone who has depression, talk to them about why your friendship with them is so great. Let them know why you enjoy hanging out with them, how they make you feel and, most importantly, that you’ll be there throughout all the ups and downs in their life. 

I’m Sending Food Your Way

Unfortunately, there are many people who struggle with depression. Sometimes, when a person is dealing with depressive episodes, they may not have the motivation or drive to make food. They might eat a small snack or pick at a few bites of food, but ultimately, that isn’t enough food to keep them healthy.

If your friend is struggling with depression, it may be a good idea for you to send food over to their house. You can make something and take it there or order something and have it delivered to their house.

Check Out These Mental Health Treatments and Resources

For anyone who is dealing with depression, we feel for you. We know what it is like to feel so down and low about your life that it takes everything you have got just to pull yourself out of bed or do a simple task. With this being said, Harmony Recovery Center wants you and your friends to know that we have numerous mental health treatments and resources that can help people to get clean, sober and in recovery. 

FaceTime or Skype (Video Call)

Another way that you can help a friend with depression over text is by having a video call with them. There are so many apps and platforms that allow you to have video chats. If you can’t get to your friend face-to-face, the video calls are the next best thing, as you and your friend can still see each other. 

Help Your Friend to Overcome Depression Starting Today

Does your friend have depression? If so, are they currently doing anything to improve the state of their mental health? Unfortunately, many men and women will continue downward into a spiral of depression and not pull themselves out for a long time. As their friend, you can start looking into resources and treatments that can help them to overcome depression. Call Harmony Recovery Center at (704) 368-1131. We are ready and able to help your friend renew positivity in their life and overcome depression, too. 

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