There are men and women all around the world who struggle with eating disorders. Most people who have this type of disorder need to learn how to separate themselves from the disorder, let go of the disorder and channel their nutrition in a more positive direction. But, how do you do this when you are feeling alone and struggling so much with body image, internal issues or other things? You can get professional mental health help here at Harmony Recovery Center NC

When you reach out for help for eating disorders, you will find that you aren’t alone. Here at our treatment facility, there are others who struggle just like you. They know what you are going through. Many of our treatment professionals know someone or have been affected by an eating disorder themselves. 

If you want to start overcoming your eating disorder, there are some primary things that you should do to begin. 

Remember, You Aren’t Your Disorder

How do you feel when you think of the eating disorder? Does it make you feel like a bad person? Can you stand to look at yourself in the mirror? Many people who struggle with this mental health disorder feel like they are what they eat or they are the disorder. Their entire lives revolve around it. This is not the case! 

You are much more than your disorder. You aren’t the food you eat or the nutritional plans you follow. You are a human that deserves to live a life not run by mental health issues. You can achieve this lifestyle by reaching out for help. Here at Harmony Recovery Center NC, we help you to separate yourself from the eating disorder.

We know that it may feel like your disorder runs your life and is who you are – but that isn’t true. You can take control over what you eat, how you eat, where you eat and every other aspect of eating. By learning how to do this, you can finally find hope in your recovery. 

You Must Let it Go

How hard are you holding onto your disorder? Have you had family members, friends and other loved ones tell you that you have a problem? Did you try to quit eating too much or too little? Have you tried letting go of control over your thoughts regarding eating habits? Whether you have or haven’t tried to let go before, this time can be different. With the help of our treatment team, you can learn to stop hating yourself for the eating disorder and start loving yourself for who you are. 

Once you can let go of this feeling or a false sense of control, you will feel a weight lifted off your chest. It will seem like you are letting go of an anchored ship and finally able to freely float through the ocean. Navigating life is going to be so much easier. 

It’s okay if you don’t feel ready to let go of the disorder or your eating habits yet. All it takes to start your recovery is admitting that you need help and you can make the call to get treatment today. From there, we can do an assessment and determine what type of treatment you will need. Our Harmony Recovery Center NC facility has treatment options for a range of eating disorders. 

Using Your Traits to Your Advantage

What does this even mean? Throughout your recovery from an eating disorder, you will learn more about how to do this. For now, it is important to know that you weren’t born with the disorder you have. You were, however, born with a specific set of traits that increased your vulnerability to having the type of eating disorder you have. In addition, most people who struggle with an eating disorder either have OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder or another mental health illness). Some of them even struggle with addiction, too, which is called a co-occurring disorder. 

With all this being said, it is crucial to know that you have the power to turn things around. You can start using your born-with traits to your benefit. From the start of your recovery with admitting that you need help to striving throughout your recovery and overcoming the eating disorder, you can finally develop those healthy eating habits. 

How Did You Begin to Overcome Your Eating Disorder - harmonyrecoverync

Think about it this way for a moment – is your trait of perfectionist one that led you to think your body has to look perfect at all times, so you are very picky (obsessively, so) about what you eat? If so, asking for help can be your turning point. You can start using your perfectionist traits as a way to ask doctors for help, complete assignments well in therapy, journal your thoughts and work the best you can on your recovery. 

You have some very beautiful, amazing traits. You can learn to use those traits to benefit you, so you can finally live your life to the fullest. 

Treatment Options for Eating Disorders

Here at Harmony Recovery Center NC, we have various treatment options for eating disorders. 

Some of the options that we have, you see to the left here. The truth is that overcoming an eating disorder is not easy. Most people need a lot of support and help. They need encouragement and guidance. However, you will get that and so much more from our Harmony Recovery Center team. 

Treatments for Eating Disorders

Our team is focused on your overall well-being. We want you to live your best life and part of that is ensuring that you get the help that you need to work on your recovery process. Let us be there to do that for you. 

Get Treatment for an Eating Disorder Today

Not sure what to do about your eating disorder? Do you know that you have a problem, but you didn’t know where to turn? Did you try treatment in the past to help you overcome your eating disorder, but it didn’t stick? Are you tired of the eating disorder running your life? 
Did you answer yes to one or more of these questions here today? If so, now is the time – today is the day – to make things different. You can get the help you need to overcome an eating disorder. Contact us today, here at Harmony Recovery Center NC, to enroll in a treatment program to help you overcome this disorder.