Harmony's IOP Treatment in Charlotte

IOP Treatment in Charlotte, NC

Most people suffering from addiction problems do
not want to spend the rest of their lives living with the effects of addiction
on their health and relationships. IOP, also known as an intensive outpatient
in Charlotte, is the most effective way for them to get the assistance they
need to stay sober. The benefits of intensive outpatient treatment are many and
vary based on the substance and addiction that a patient may have.

Peer Support

One of the benefits of intensive outpatient treatment is that it gives patients a chance to interact with other people. Having the ability to interact with the people around them is important for mental health, and can keep a person from relapsing. In some cases, patients attend a short program at the center and sleep at home. Others sleep at a sober living facility.

Ability to Maintain Outside Commitments

With outpatient care, the patient can continue with their daily responsibilities while in therapy or receiving treatment for substance abuse. This can reduce the stress of an addict trying to cope with their own emotional and physical issues. For parents and those that need to work and go to school, this can make attending treatment more accessible.

The IOP Process

The process of IOP treatment in Charlotte is multi-faceted. The counselors and therapists that work at the treatment center will begin by assessing the severity of the patient’s addiction problem. From there, they will determine how long the patient has been suffering from their substance abuse problem. Once this is determined, the addict will be assigned a treatment team, which may include different specialists such as doctors, nurses, social workers, and psychologists.


When a patient enters IOP treatment in Charlotte, they will go through detoxification before or during this phase of treatment. During this time, the patient may be given medications to help them cope with withdrawal symptoms. The doctor and nurse will provide daily instructions to the patient regarding any changes in the diet that they need to follow. They may also provide advice on other things that the patient can do to increase their awareness of their body. However, there is no immediate “cure” for substance abuse and addiction, so the focus during treatment should be on giving the patient tools to manage their cravings.

Individual and Group Counseling

As the patient begins to progress through the treatment process, they will begin receiving individual and group counseling. Counselors will teach the patient to identify triggers that may lead to their substance use. They will also teach the patient how to form new and healthy coping strategies to use in the future.

Benefits of IOP

The benefits of intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment in Charlotte are many. Harmony’s IOP treatment in Charlotte:

  • Is affordable
  • Is effective
  • Provides evidence-based treatment options
  • Is accepted by some insurance companies
  • Offers a wide variety of treatment options, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing

Types of Treatment

IOP is able to help many people while also providing educational programs and counseling. IOP’s addiction recovery specialists provide individualized attention and therapy to each patient. IOP treatment includes detoxification, therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, support systems, and family and friends counseling. We use a combination of these resources to address the unique needs of their clients. Other therapies we use at our Charlotte program include:

  • Adventure therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Meditation
  • Bio-feedback therapy
  • Life-skills training
  • Equine therapy

12 Step Groups

In addition to group therapy and individual therapy, 12 step groups are available. 12 step groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, have a long history of helping people reach recovery.

Customized Treatment Plan

IOP recovery specialists work with each individual to create a comprehensive plan that allows them to address and treat the root causes of their addiction. Our approach is based on an understanding that people need a well-rounded and holistic approach to treatment that addresses triggers and long-term coping skills specific to the person. They need to understand deeply why they came to use drugs or alcohol in the first place. This means that our treatment programs address the emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of clients as well as their substance abuse issues. We have found that addressing all of these issues works best.

Begin IOP Treatment in Charlotte

The benefits of treatment at Harmony’s IOP are many. If you or a loved one is interested in IOP, please call our team today to learn if our IOP program is the right fit. We’re here to help guide you through the process of recovery.

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