Eating Disorders

Overcoming Disordered Eating Behaviors

Recovery from an eating disorder means changing your relationship with food. Harmony Recovery Center has the expertise to help you succeed.

People with eating disorders often live with feelings of guilt and shame. These feelings are often exasperated by their disordered eating, creating a cycle of dysfunction which can be difficult to break. At Harmony Recovery Center, we can help end the cycle of disordered eating behaviors and resulting feelings of shame. An eating disorder can appear in a person’s life for a number of reasons. Disordered eating is complex by nature. Getting to the root causes and conditions is an essential part of the healing work we will do together. Learning more about your own disorder and what may trigger it is key to progress in early recovery. This knowledge will help form the basis for new, healthier behaviors. For many, body image and self-esteem are at the core of disordered eating behaviors, but there is almost always more to the story. Past trauma or abuse may be part of the story for some. Relationships with family and loved ones often prove to be a significant factor. Unravelling the patterns of behavior and their origins will help us determine the most effective treatment path for you. Patients are often surprised to discover what my lie at the root of some of their behaviors, but once the pieces of the puzzle begin to appear, the way forward becomes clearer. Hope emerges from despair and frustration and recovery begins to take root.

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Eating disorders have both physical and psychological elements. Often there may be a co-occurring condition such as depression, anxiety or unresolved trauma which must be identified and treated to progress. Relapse is frequently caused by conditions such as these when they aren’t brought to the forefront and addressed. If treatment is focused on eating behaviors alone and a primary psychological factor is not treated, it can seriously undermine the progress you’ve worked so hard to achieve. This is a key reason why Harmony Recovery Center employs evidence-based care and a dual-diagnosis approach. We know that many people may only get one opportunity to go to treatment. Disordered eating can have serious health consequences. There is no time to waste in breaking the destructive cycle and drilling down to the root causes. Our goal is to give you the best fighting chance possible to counteract your disorder and develop a new set of behaviors to sustain your recovery.

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If you or someone you love is living with disordered eating behaviors, we can help them develop a healthy relationship with eating. Our caring clinicians know how to treat bulimia and anorexia. We can help end the cycle of binging and purging and restrictive eating and return you to an ideal body weight. Our nutritionist will help you learn to prepare healthy meals that you can easily incorporate you’re your lifestyle, however busy you may be. Recovery from disordered eating is about restoring balance and awareness. Learning to manage an eating disorder can be challenging and it is a process that takes time. The good news is that millions of people have done so successfully. Substantial research has been done on eating disorders over the past 20 years. As an evidence-based treatment program, Harmony Recovery Center applies the best methods of care that have been proven effective. There’s not better time than the present to halt the progress of your illness and get the help you deserve. Don’t lose another day in despair watching yourself decline or your loved one struggle.

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