Cinco De Mayo meet "Cinco De Sober"

For most people, Cinco De Mayo conjures images of margaritas and tequila shots. It’s one of the most drinking-heavy holidays in the US which means it can be especially triggering for people in sobriety. But it doesn’t need to be this way. 

For those in recovery (and for those who just don’t want to feel terrible the next day), we present Cinco De Sober.

Here’s how to celebrate: 

1. First, Set up a Virtual Call 

Since we’re in the age of Social Distancing and we can’t have any group celebrations in person, gather your sober support online for your Cinco De Sober celebration. 

2. Order in Mexican Favorites or Create your Own 

The best part of any celebration or party is the food, right? Cinco De Mayo is the perfect excuse to pig-out on some of the best cuisine on the planet. Mash up some guacamole and put it on literally everything. Tacos? Yes. Burritos? Double yes. Nachos? Heck yes! If you’re needing some recipe inspiration, Pinterest is your new best friend.

3. Mix Some Delicious (Non-Alcoholic) Drinks 

Curve the craving with an assortment of traditionally non-alcoholic Mexican drinks. There are so many flavorful choices that routinely do not contain alcohol. 

Guaranteed to get you in the festive spirit, we made a list of Classic Mexican Drinks that don’t include alcohol, read about some of our favorite recipes on our fellow Harmony Recovery Group Center, Harmony Oaks‘ page. 

4. Get Online & Get Some Games Going

Now that everyone is ready with food and drinks, it’s party time. This is the perfect excuse to play some games together– stay classy with Table Topics (here is a great list) or have all the laughs with a phone app game like Psych!, basically a trivia game where the point is to lie about the answers.

And there you have it, a Cinco De Sober celebration, Quarantine Style.

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