When most people think about addiction, they think about people getting drunk or high and not having much to do in life. However, there are famous celebrities who struggle with addiction, too. In fact, many celebrities in recovery have opened up about their addiction, so that others can see there is still hope that you can live a better life. 

For National Recovery Month, our Harmony Recovery Center team wants to share the story of some celebrities in recovery, so hopefully, they can motivate you to get the treatment you need, as well. 

#1 – Robert Downey Jr. 

Robert Downey Jr. is an actor. He has made it public that he was using drugs before his teenage years and spent the majority of his acting career under the influence of drugs. He had been arrested many times in the later 1990s and earlier 2000s or misuse of heroin, cocaine and alcohol. He even when to a prison in California for some charges. Later, he attended a state-run rehab center. 2002 was the year he stated he was recovered. 

#2 – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is another one of the celebrities in recovery. She began using cocaine when she was only 17 years old. As she began to be more famous for her singing, her alcohol and drug addiction worsened, too. During 2010, she got treatment for her addiction and mental health disorders (eating disorder and bipolar disorder). She has talked about her recovery on social media, in her song lyrics and during interviews. 

#3 – Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has had quite the career, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t struggled at all. In fact, he has been quite open about his alcohol abuse issues. During 2001, he went to a rehab center for the first time and stated he had been struggling with addiction pretty much all his life. He also went to another treatment center during 2018. At that point, he had stated that getting help was a sign of courage, not failure or weakness. If you are struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs, remember this and get the help you need from our Harmony Recovery Center today. 

#4 – Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has many Academy Award nominations, but he has still gone through some tough times with alcohol and drug abuse. In fact, in 2004 (when he was 29 years old), he decided to get clean and sober. He has stayed that way since. 

#5 – Drew Barrymore 

In 1989, Drew Barrymore made headlines, being that she was only 13 and went to a rehab center. She stated she began drinking a few years after she became famous from the movie E.T. She was 9 years old when she had her first drink of alcohol. Soon after, she started abusing marijuana and cocaine, too. During her teenage years, however, she began overcoming her addiction and since, has, been successful in her acting and producing gigs. 

#6 – Elton John

When the AIDS crisis hit, Elton John decided he needed to overcome his addictions. The reason for this was that one of his friends, Ryan White, died. Mr. White was an AIDS activist. Elton John felt bad he spent so much time abusing cocaine and alcohol that he got treatment during 1990. Two years later, he created the Elton John AIDS Foundation. 

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#7 – Jamie Lee Curtis 

Jamie Lee Curtis is a children’s book author and an actor. She stated that overcoming her drug and alcohol addictions were the biggest accomplishments she ever did. Her addiction had started after a cosmetic procedure in which she was written prescription painkillers. Unfortunately, prescription painkillers are the start of an addiction for many people. Now, Ms. Curtis is an advocate for substance abuse awarness and changing opiate policies. 

#8 – Keith Urban

In the 1990s, Keith Urban’s career didn’t take off and that caused him to turn to drug and alcohol abuse. When he finally got a No. 1 hit, he was going through a vicious cycle of recovery and relapsing. During 2006, his wife helped him get into a treatment program which helped strengthen his recovery.

#9 – Daniel Radcliffe

This Harry Potter star developed personal issues with substance abuse when he became famous and wealthy. He began drinking a lot while he filmed the final 3 Harry Potter films. In time, he realized his drinking was out of his control and he needed to quit. After the final film finished up, he quit drinking and still works on recovery to this day.

#10 – Amber Valleta

Amber Valleta is an actress and a model. She stated that when her 40th birthday came around she was motivated to share her own story with addiction and recovery. She hoped to help other people get into recovery by sharing what she went through. She had started using drugs when she was a child. In the midst of her modeling career, during the 1990s, she was abusing cocaine and alcohol all the time. When she turned 25, she was in recovery.

#11 – Eric Clapton

Most people know who Eric Clapton is. However, did you know that he had a heroin addiction during the early 1970s. He got into recovery from that addiction, but then abused cocaine and alcohol for many years following the recovery. Eric Clapton went to a rehab program during 1997 where he finally found recovery success. During 1998, he created an alcohol and drug treatment center on Antigua Island called the Crossroads Centre. 

#12 – Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher was a famous Star Wars actress. She has had a lifelong battle with addiction. Ms. Fisher has written and spoken about her alcohol and drug disorder experiences. She has opened up about her recovery and bipolar disorder, as well. Unfortunately, Carrie Fisher passed away at the age of 60, during 2016, due to cardiac arrest while on a flight.

#13 – Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe was one of the most famous actors during the 1980s. He spent a lot of the ‘80s drinking excessively. The more famous he became, the less control he had over his drinking habits. When a sex videotape was released, he realized that he need to get professional treatment help. In 1990, he attended a treatment program and got into recovery. 

#14 – Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry was famous from being on the show, Friends. However, when off-screen he battled with a prescription drug and alcohol addiction. The prescription drug addiction began after he got a prescription due to a watercraft accident. After some time, he got treatment and enjoys helping others in their recovery, too. 

Be Like Celebrities in Recovery – Get Help Today

There are many celebrities who are in recovery. If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol, cocaine, heroin or any other drugs, don’t keep letting the addiction take over your life. You deserve to have a better, substance-free lifestyle.
Contact us today, here at Harmony Recovery Center to get the help you need, so you can be like celebrities in recovery.

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