Choosing an Exciting Approach

Studies show that the most effective way to treat a substance use disorder is through conventional, evidence-based treatments that are offered within a residential or outpatient setting. Countless individuals have achieved sobriety through programs that include individual therapy, group therapy, behavioral therapy, family therapy, and much more. And while this baseline of treatment is significantly beneficial for those who obtain it, there are other forms of therapy that can be included into this type of programming that brings happiness, fun, and enjoyment to each and every client (of course, all while helping him or her develop necessary life skills). One of the ways in which this is implemented is through our Outdoor/Adventure Therapy In Charlotte.

In addition, our Outdoor/Adventure Therapy In Charlotte provides clients with the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and dig into something fun, intriguing, and helpful to their recovery. When presented with the opportunity to engage in a form of therapy other than traditional forms of therapy, most clients jump at the chance, not because they dislike the therapy sessions they are in, but because they are excited to participate in something more out-of-the-box.

That is just what our Outdoor/Adventure Therapy In Charlotte is: out-of-the-box. At Harmony Recovery, we strive to provide all clients with the chance to get outside of themselves and delve into the activities that we provide in an effort to have fun and to learn.

Types of Outdoor/Adventure Therapy

Each treatment center that provides outdoor/adventure therapy is going to have their own unique set of services, however, there exist several common therapies that can be seen throughout several different facilities.

Ropes Courses

Some facilities either have ropes courses on campus or are able to access some nearby. Ropes courses have proven to be helpful in promoting several different benefits for those in recovery.

For example, an individual that is struggling with trust issues, maybe because he or she was abused as a child, can do a teamwork exercise on a ropes course. So, for instance, this individual might participate in an exercise where he or she is attached to a rope, and others are to lift him or her into the air until it is deemed appropriate to let go. Other exercises, such as climbing a rope ladder, can promote teamwork and socialization. And, walking across a high rope can help clients address self-confidence issues.

Equine Therapy

Animals have always been considered highly beneficial in the addiction treatment space, as connecting with them can help clients begin to open up emotionally. Equine therapy, in particular, is an excellent medium for clients to work through trust issues, negative self-esteem, and feelings of neglect, all while learning how to implement important life skills such as compassion, patience, and setting boundaries. While working alongside a professional, clients will participate in ground exercises such as building a course that represents a part of their lives. After the course is built, the horse can attempt to maneuver through so that the individual can see how the horse interacts with his or her life.


Many treatment centers, especially those located in more rural settings, provide camping excursions for those who are in treatment. Camping has proven to help detach an individual from the chaos of everyday living so that he or she can be mindful of his or her own thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. This process can also help strengthen communication and teamwork skills, instill confidence in participants through starting fires, setting up tents, etc., and help initiate deep conversations that can be therapeutic.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the most common outdoor/adventure therapies, as it offers up countless benefits. Not only do individuals get a chance to engage in healthy physical exercise, but they also get to challenge themselves. While rock climbing, the individual must constantly utilize his or her problem-solving skills, as well as his or her focus. It has also proven to be effective at decreasing stress. Rock climbing often serves as a strong metaphor for overcoming something extremely challenging in life, such as addiction.

Other outdoor/adventure therapies include canoeing, whitewater rafting, biking, fly fishing, taking nature walks, and hiking.

Why Should You Participate In Our Outdoor/Adventure Therapy In Charlotte?

Several benefits of our Outdoor/Adventure Therapy In Charlotte have already been discussed, however, it is important to consider just how much this kind of therapy can not only help you while in treatment but also when you transition back into everyday life.

Harmony Recovery Center’s Outdoor/Adventure Therapy In Charlotte is an excellent way to learn how to have fun without having to use drugs or alcohol. It is also a way for you to find new hobbies and interests that you can enjoy as you begin to rebuild your life. Finding an outdoor therapy that allows you to refocus, release stress, and enjoy yourself in just as important as doing something like taking your daily medication or going to AA or NA meetings. Incorporating these kinds of activities into your routine will also promote your physical well-being, too.

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