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Harmony Recovery Center provides effective, evidence-based treatment for people living with mental illness. We can help you or your loved one build a new life.

Harmony Recovery Center in Charlotte, NC treats depression, anxiety, trauma, disordered eating and more. All members of the Harmony Healing Group family deliver evidence-based mental health treatment. This means our programs utilized methods proven effective by peer-reviewed clinical research. We know your time is valuable and the progress you make in treatment will form the foundation of your recovery moving forward. We do more than just treat symptoms here. We treat people. We help the people entrusted to our care overcome feelings of shame and nurture their sense of self-love. We believe this is an essential part of the recovery process. Learning to love yourself and give yourself the care and forgiveness you deserve is conducive to strong, enduring recovery. Our focus is on healing and empowerment. Treatment is about more than just alleviating symptoms. Our patients also gain new understanding and insight into their conditions

What Makes the Harmony Recover Center Outpatient Program Special? 

What Makes the Harmony Recover Center Outpatient Program Special? 

Mental illnesses are unique among health challenges in several ways. One of the most significant is the stigma and shame which can be associated with them. A person with diabetes or arthritis must endure difficulties, but shame is rarely associated with those ailments the way it can be with mental illness. Addressing the impact on self-worth and esteem is critical to complete recovery. This factor is all too often overlooked in treatment for depression and anxiety along with other conditions. There is often so much focus on symptoms that the effect that a diagnosis can have on a person’s identity is completely missed. At Harmony Recovery Center, we take a holistic view of treatment. We believe the most effective treatment requires evidence-based methods that address not only mental illnesses, but the patient’s self-esteem. Put simply, you are more than your diagnosis. Your mental illness is a part of your experience, but it does not need to define you as a person. Part of our mission is helping you learn to not just manage your mental illness, but how you feel about yourself.

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Harmony Recovery Center’s mental health treatment program offers clients the choice of living at home locally or staying at one of our beautiful recovery residences in Charlotte. Care at the Partial-Hospitalization or PHP level includes a full day of treatment, much like an inpatient program provides. Group and individual therapy are included along with wellness focused activities such as meditation and yoga. Unlike conventional hospital-like programs though, our model avoids giving you the sense of being “institutionalized”. We have found that we can deliver the excellent standard of care the Harmony is known for, while providing clients with much more comfortable accommodations than they would get at an institutional-style program. We believe this also gives clients a better sense of how recovery will fit into their everyday life once they return home.

Living in residential housing during treatment feels more like a vacation or visiting a friend than it does being “in treatment”. For most people it’s a much easier adjustment when beginning their care, and when they complete treatment and return home. Everything we do at Harmony Recovery Center is designed to prepare you for success after you leave our program. During treatment, your focus will be on understanding your diagnosis, finding the right pharmacotherapeutic regimen for your needs and learning how to manage your condition moving forward. We aim for every patient under our care to make great progress with us, but we also understand that much of the work of recovery occurs after your stay with us. Our mission is to prepare you for recovery in the real world as much as possible through treatment and education. A sense of ownership in your own recovery is empowering. Learning to advocate for yourself and taking responsibility for managing your condition is the key to maintaining forward momentum.

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