There are various forms of mental health treatments you can receive while attending a treatment program here at Harmony Recovery Center in Charlotte, NC. One of the things that we offer is trauma recovery. This type of therapy utilizes different techniques to help you work through traumatic events you have gone through. Traumatic experiences cause people grief, stress and other emotional turmoil. Our intention is to help you overcome the feelings that are related to the traumatic experiences.

How it Works in Treatment Programs

When you enter into a mental health disorder or addiction treatment program, it is a good idea to learn about the types of treatments you will be going through. Many of our clients receive trauma recovery treatments. Some of the ways that this type of therapy works include:

  • Focusing on current reactions and emotions to past traumatic events
  • Merging the past memories and present reactions to determine how the event is affecting you
  • Working with a therapist who can process the results to help you through processing trauma

If you have more questions about our trauma recovery program, let us know. We will be happy to go over those questions with you.

Phases of Trauma Therapy Treatments

Just as with any other treatments in an addiction or mental health disorder program, there will be phases you will go through. For trauma recovery therapy, the phases you will work through include:

  • 1st Phase: Going through your history and background with the therapist, so they can get as much information as possible to build on your treatment plan (discussing specific target areas for your treatment such as past trauma or other underlying issues)
  • 2nd Phase: You will work with your therapist to learn about different coping skills for dealing with the effects from the trauma (breathing and relaxation techniques are learned during this phase)
  • 3rd Phase: You and your therapist will work together to identify targets related to your emotional responses from the treatment (coping skills for any negative emotions can be learned during this phase)
  • 4th Phase: You will continue working on making positive connections to the memories and work to incorporate healthier coping skills into your daily life
  • 5th Phase: You and your therapist continue relieving any tension that is remaining in your body or mind that is caused by the memories
  • 6th Phase:  Your therapist can reassess the reactions you have when discussing the traumatic events to see how you are doing
  • 7th Phase:  You and your therapist can determine whether you have met your treatment goals therapy (if not, more treatments can be done to work through remaining issues)
  • 8th Phase: Your treatment will be finished and you can start enjoying the new, positive way you see life and your past.

Most people who go through trauma therapy treatment find it very beneficial to their recovery.

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