One-on-One Therapy

Those who struggle with substance use disorders and/or other mental health conditions like bipolar disorder, personality disorders, or depression can significantly benefit from our Individual Therapy In Charlotte.

Individual therapy occurs between a certified therapist and the individual in a safe, private setting. Unlike many other forms of therapy offered in treatment, this is one type of therapy where no one else is involved but the individual. When provided with uninterrupted focus and attention, the individual can truly begin to open up and share his or her experiences and emotions in ways that allow the therapist to provide the appropriate therapies for him or her.

Types of Therapy Used

Each person who participates in our Individual Therapy In Charlotte will have different needs. He or she will have unique experiences, as well as specific issues that require extra therapeutic attention. It is the job of the therapist to identify these needs, experiences, and issues and follow through with the provision of appropriate therapies. Some of the most commonly used therapies utilized through individual therapy include the following:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy, also know as CBT, is one form of therapy that can be applied to anyone who is struggling with a substance use disorder and/or other mental health conditions. Many therapists utilize it for its problem-solving abilities. When participating in cognitive behavioral therapy, individuals will learn that their perception of the ongoing occurring around him or her dictate how he or she behaves. Likely, the most recent things that he or she might have experienced may have triggered negative behaviors. However, cognitive behavior therapy works to help individuals alter their perception of things in a manner that is more positive so that his or her behaviors follow suit.

Family Therapy

Many people find that once they begin their sessions at our Individual Therapy In Charlotte, they realize just how intertwined their family is within their psychological state. Especially after coming off of substance abuse, it can be alarming just how much one’s own person and family has been affected by addiction. As the therapist works with the individual to begin pulling apart these issues and ironing them out, he or she might suggest that the individual brings in his or her parents, siblings, significant other, or children in an effort to bring healing to both sides. Family therapy can also help the individual adopt healthy interpersonal skills that promote positive relationships with loved ones and others.

Specialized Therapies

Because each individual is different and has his or her own needs, he or she might participate in some specialized therapies. For instance, upon learning more about the individual, the therapist might feel it best to begin providing some trauma treatment to the individual so that some of the trauma that is standing in the way of his or her recovery can be removed. Or, a therapist might start engaging the individual in mindfulness practices to help him or her develop a stronger sense of self-awareness and confidence. Other therapies can be included into our Individual Therapy In Charlotte, as it is up to the therapist to determine what is going to help the individual recover best.

Benefits Of Our Individual Therapy In Charlotte

Above all else, the greatest benefit of our Individual Therapy In Charlotte is having one-on-one time with a trained professional. Individuals who engage in individual therapy can work with someone who is solely focused on the needs that they have, making it a much more personalized experience. And, when the experience is personalized, the individual benefits most because all the care being provided is due to what he or she specifically requires.

Our Individual Therapy In Charlotte also offers individuals the time and space to truly open up and share things that have deeply impacted them. When in a group setting, for example, many individuals only provide the information about themselves that they are comfortable without fear of judgment of others. All of that is removed when participating in our Individual Therapy In Charlotte. While group therapy is beneficial in its own right, individual therapy works to keep what the individual says during sessions private, making him or her feel most comfortable sharing things that he or she might have never shared before. This is imperative when attempting to recover from a substance use disorder, as truly getting to the bottom of one’s behaviors is crucial for success.

Individuals are provided with the opportunity to learn things that they never have before prior to entering into this form of treatment. Not only will individuals learn new terms, how to label emotions, and why he or she is behaving in this way or that way, but he or she will also start developing a strong understanding of his or her own condition. With this understanding, he or she can continue to progress in his or her recovery.

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