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Following the Partial Hospitalization (PHP) program phase, patients move into Intensive Outpatient (IOP) care. During the IOP phase, mental health treatment clients enjoy a bit more schedule flexibility. They will still attend the program 3-5 days a week for several hours at a time and have a great deal of structure. During this time, clients begin to get a sense of how the new skills and knowledge of their condition can help them live a happier, more productive life when they return home. A gradual introduction of free time and leisure activity gives them a chance to test-drive their emerging recovery.

What Makes the Harmony Recover Center Outpatient Program Special? 

What Makes the Harmony Recover Center Outpatient Program Special? 

During the IOP phase, some clients may return to work or school in a limited capacity, spend some time with family and/or attend outside support groups. During this time, the structure and support of the program and guidance of their therapist is still integral. We believe it is essential for patients to experience some independence while still in the program as it serves to boost confidence and isolate any remaining issues. Most clients find that mental health IOP treatment helps ease the transition back to everyday life. It allows them to assess how they are feeling post-treatment, get used to a new medication regimen and so forth. Any issues they encounter can be quickly address since they are still fully engaged in our program. Ultimately our goal is for our clients to be able to re-enter their life with the protection and stability they develop under our care.

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At Harmony Recovery Center, we believe that recovery is a process that continues for life. Our goal is to not only properly diagnose and treat mental illnesses, but to give every patient a full understanding of how to manage their condition for the future. A patient’s involvement and investment in their own recovery is essential for generating the best possible outcome. Whether you are living with depression, anxiety or coping with trauma, there are tools that can make life easier and help ensure you continue your progress long after you finish your stay at our mental health facility. Recovery is about more than recognizing illness and healing. It’s also about progress. Continuing to grow as an individual. Putting the principles you learn in treatment into practice in your everyday life. For many, this will include healthy coping mechanisms and learning to recognize triggers. It also means learning new ways to manage your feelings and emotions and how you communicate with others.

Recovery takes time, but with an understanding of your condition and the willingness to utilize the tools you are provided, great strides can be made. Recovery in the context of mental illnesses often means using the synergy of pharmacotherapy combined with counseling and lifestyle changes to make the most progress possible. The idea is to combine the most effective treatments possible to create momentum in the healing process and nurture and protect your nascent recovery moving forward. Much of the work of getting better will happen after you leave our mental health facility in Charlotte, NC. Our aim is to get you where you need to be to begin that journey. Confident in your ability to manage your mental illnesses with the right kind of help and ready to move forward.

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