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Our Approach to Treatment

Our approach to addiction treatment is unique. It’s unique because it starts with our deep-rooted belief that recovery is about the patient – and only about the patient.

Harmony Recovery exists to alleviate the suffering that comes with substance abuse. Our treatment philosophy is based on this and other compassionate premises. And in order to accomplish our goal of providing clients with individualized recovery tools, our treatment methods are proven to work and place the client at the center of everything they entail.

This approach extends to our staff as well. From the behavioral techs to the medical and clinical team, our people are meticulously selected and trained. Our goal? To help them deliver effective, individualized care in an environment that’s marked by care, safety, and compassion.

This is how we maintain the dignity and safety of every client that has the courage to walk through our doors. Our center requires deep involvement from each staff member. The moment they’re hired, they enter into each and every patient’s treatment progress and the assurance of their health, safety, and well-being. From the moment of admission until the time of discharge and beyond, Harmony Recovery is a sanctuary for the afflicted and a place where memories of healing are made.

Qualified Clinicians Delivering Evidence-Based Treatment and Holistic Therapy

We make recovery possible with a comprehensive set of holistic treatment methods. These methods– while always tailored to the individual client’s needs–  encompass a diverse array of evidence-based practices. The results speak for themselves.

All of Harmony Recovery Center’s primary therapists are either licensed or master’s level clinicians. Similarly, we structure our programs holistically, with adaptable components from a number of evidence-based treatment practices. Taken together, these programs help our clients heal from past trauma and give them the tools they need for authentic recovery.

Our comprehensive-holistic approach to treatment includes:

Twelve Step Facilitation therapy
Cognitive Behavioral therapy
EMDR therapy
Group therapy
Individual therapy
Family therapy
Adventure therapy
Outdoor Therapy
Music therapy
Yoga and Meditation
Family and relationship counseling
Life skills and education workshops
Nutrition and wellness education
Medical supervision and care
Medication management
Case management services
Legal assistance
Career and education assistance
Job and interview preparation
Aftercare and transition planning
In-house 12-step meetings
Gym time and sports activities
Hiking, biking, kayaking,
Gaming, pool time, fishing, and more

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Just Some Of The Conditions We Treat

Synthetic Drugs
Co-ocurring disorders