China White Heroin

china white heroin

What Is China White Heroin? – The drug referred to as “china white heroin” actually consists of furanylfentayl, an illicit analog of the prescription painkiller fentanyl. As a legitimate medication, it is sometimes prescribed for the treatment of severe pain in those who do not respond to less potent opioids.

Fentanyl, however, is up to 100 times more powerful than morphine and 50 times more powerful than heroin itself. For this reason, it is usually only approved for use outside a hospital setting using a transdermal patch or lozenge, two methods of administration that ensure the drug is delivered slowly and difficult to abuse.

Therefore, illicit fentanyl is primarily found on the black market. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) contends that most of it on the street is probably manufactured in China, then trafficked into the United States through Mexican cartels or the Internet (dark web). Over the past few years, china white heroin has become a every more dangerous substitute for traditional heroin, as it is inexpensive to produce and a little bit goes a long way.

The New Illegal Synthetic Drugs

The U.S. is currently losing the war against alcohol and drug abuse. A significant factor in this battle is the invasion of new “designer” synthetic drugs, which are continuously flooding into the market and causing a massive spike in overdose deaths. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2017, more than 70,000 Americans were killed by overdoses related to drugs or alcohol, and two-thirds of those deaths (66%) involved an illegal or prescription opioid/opiate.

Why Synthetic Drugs? What are They?

Pharmaceutical medicament cure in container for health Drug syringe and cooked heroin on spoon

The production and distribution of scheduled drugs can have important legal implications. Drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and meth are illegal, and law enforcement has been cracking down on trafficking to try to get these substances off the street. This trend has been pushing drug traffickers and manufacturers to develop drugs that are less expensive to produce and sell with less legal implications. Indeed, their answer to the problem has been to design new drugs with formulations that the legal system has not caught up with yet.

Synthetic drugs are developed to emulate the ‘highs” or desired effects of narcotics and prescription drugs and can be found in a variety forms including pills, powders, herbs, and liquids. With the dramatic uptick in opioid addiction across the country, there has been an equally pronounced increase in the demand for replacements for controlled substances and known illicit drugs.

Why Addiction?

Opioids and illicit synthetic drugs such as china white heroin have a high potential for addiction because they boost the production of dopamine, a chemical in the central nervous system responsible for feelings of pleasure and reward. This increases the chance that cravings will occur and often results in an uncontrollable and unwanted addiction.

Moreover, when people experiment with and repeatedly use addictive drugs, they are not typically seeking to become dependent upon them. They are merely attempting to feel the desired high or euphoria that helps temporarily ease stress or negative thoughts and feelings.

Unfortunately, the cravings can eventually become so overpowering that they make the user feel as if the substance is a biological need and that it is somehow required for survival, not unlike water and food. Over time, the body begins to depend on drugs to stimulate dopamine release, or the user will experience highly unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and feelings quite the opposite of pleasure – dysphoria. These effects perpetuate a vicious cycle that can be incredibly challenging to break without professional assistance.

China White Heroin – A Deadly Killer

China white heroin has been partially responsible for the drastic increases in drug overdose fatalities in recent years, and multiple varieties are being produced and sold on the illicit drug market. Illegal drug manufacturers frequently experiment with different ingredients, and users often have little idea precisely what they are actually putting into their body. Because the chemicals in any synthetic drug formula constantly change and vary widely in toxicity, there is no way to be sure what the exact impact on a person will be.

In fact, fentanyl is so powerful that exposure to the drug in any form – even through the skin – can be life-threatening. Fortunately, there is a medication called naloxone (Narcan), which was developed for law enforcement and first responders to use as an anti-overdose remedy and is very effective for this purpose. However, fentanyl is so potent that sometimes multiple administrations are required.

Treatment for China White Heroin Addiction

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An addiction to china white heroin is frequently more severe than heroin addiction because the drug is much more powerful. Therefore, withdrawal symptoms are also much more intense, making it profoundly difficult for the person using to discontinue the drug “cold turkey.”

For this reason, those needing treatment for this addiction should undergo a clinical detox that employs around-the-clock physical and mental care and support to improve safety, comfort, and prevent relapse. Following detox, patients are urged to enroll in an intensive addiction treatment program.

Programs at Harmony Recovery Center are tailored to the individual and include essential, evidence-based approaches to addiction treatment, such as psychotherapy, individual and group counseling, psychoeducation, and group support. These services are delivered by caring, highly-skilled addiction specialists who provide patients with the resources and support they need to sustain long-term sobriety and overcome drug addiction once and for all.

We can help you restore sanity to your life and experience the happiness and well-being you deserve! Call us now to find out how!

China White Heroin
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